Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Random Post HAHA :)

Hey guys...

So I am actually writing this in my personal finance class -don't worry I am paying attention-. I don't know exactly what to call this post. Gonna try and make this a long post, to be honest haha, so therefore it shall be titled "Random Post HAHA :)". When I said I am writing this, I am literally hand-writing this with a notebook and pink and black pens! I was going to make a post about the LGBT community and call it "Boys like Boys, Girls like Girls" -not sure if I was going to capitalize the "l" in like or not haha-, but I shall figure a way to weasel that post into this post. Somehow. I will figure it out haha.
Before I do that... let's do some small talk. The weather here  is absolutely HORRID!!!!!!!!! It's cold, wet and raining. Talk about EW!
 As of 12:56 PM November 10th 2015 I am sitting in my personal finance class.
 Over the weekend-the one that just passed prior to this being posted- PTI had this thing called HVZ or Humans Vs Zombies which I do believe I have mentioned a few times from time to time. This was my second game, and it was only a weekend long one. I am still sore!!!!!! x_x
I was a human until 4 in the morning on Saturday. 8 hours longer alive than I was my first game which was a week long one and I am still proud of myself. Granted you I probably could've lasted longer, but ya know.

BRB Personal Finance work.............. YAY!!!!!!!

So it is now 7:21 AM on November 11th 2015 -Happy Veteran's Day to you Vets out there- I am currently sat on my chair typing all of this that I wrote out yesterday and waiting for my friend Viktoria to get up. We have a bus to catch at 7:40 AM. HAHA.

Anyways I have no idea what is in for me today. I have class until 2:20 PM and then I have work. So, I shall save this as a draft for now -as of 7:23 AM- figure out what book I shall be reading on the bus and be on my way to school! Don't worry I shall hand write some more things for this post since it is ya know A RANDOM POST!!!! :D

As of 11:44 AM November 11th 2015 I am sitting in my open skills lab listening to "Focus" by Ariana Grande and getting ready to play, if y'all haven't played it you should. It is very fun and annoying as all hell.

Oh! I'm writing with a blue pen now just FYI.

Oh! Do y'all follow me on Instagram? Well you should @calicogeek. I just put a picture of my friend Grace on there. Y'all should follow her too. Yeah.... That's about it, I mean I work after school so probably gonna finish this tomorrow. To Be Continued....

Hey I am back though technically I didn't go anywhere. I am home from work and I am ending this post here. I will probably make that post about the LGBT Community tomorrow -not sure yet-. Who knows I might make another Random Post haha and just combine several -2- days in it.

Anyways That's It
Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off For The Night

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