Sunday, April 26, 2015

Jim Chapman

Jim Chapman

Hmmmmmmm. I don't really know what to say with this one haha.
Sorry it's late work has been messing my schedule up.
Jim is funny and is the fiance to Tanya Burr. He is so sweet and caring to everyone around him. 
He is also REALLY tall. Haha.
The video I would do with him is probably some kind of challenge.

Sorry its short and late

Much Love From CalicoGeek
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Love You Guys

Friday, April 24, 2015

Mr. Incredible

Mr. Incredible

Mr. Incredible is one of four of the Incredibles. He is super strong, can be played in the Incredibles playset, Disney Infinity toy box and Disney Infinity 2.0.

I really don't care for him. I had to get him to collect them all and to get the game haha!

I give him 1.5 out of 5 stars

Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off For The Night

See ya next Friday for a better review hopefully.

Fridays are now...

Disney Infinity review day!

Where I posts pics of the character(s) and tell you guys about them and what I like about them

Much Love From CalicoGeek
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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Recipe Number 4

Happy Be-Lated RecipeTuesday

Stacked Summer Vegetable Salad

-3 zucchini
-kosher salt
-4 carrots
-1/2 purple onion
-2 cup leaf lettuce
-3 tablespoons lemon juice
-1/4 cup olive oil
-2 tablespoons snip fresh dill
-ground black pepper

Happy RecipeTuesday

Much Love From CalicoGeek
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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Jack And Finn AKA Jacksgap

Jack and Finn AKA Jacksgap

P.S. sorry this is late again

Okay... Can someone please tell me why these two aren't models? I mean are they? I don't know! Why aren't they gay? Haha! I would date both of them... one one day, the other the next and so on and so forth haha! Don't ask me which one is which because I have no idea! I don't even know what else to say! They are two sexy British twins! Nothing can get better than that! 

The video I would do with them is some kind of challenge video!

Much Love From CalicoGeek
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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Recipe Number 3

Hey CaliGeeks

Happy RecipeTuesday!

Spring Quinoa Salad

- 1 cup of quinoa
- 1 tablespoon of greek yogurt
- 3 cloves of garlic
- 1 cup of frozen peas
- 1 cup of cauliflower
- 1/4 Parmesan cheese

Takes about 20 minutes to make this meal

1) Heat the Greek Yogurt in a frying pan on medium until its almost liquid, about two minutes.
2) Toss in garlic and saute for about a minute.
3) Add peas and cauliflower and simmer for four minutes or so until tender-crisp.
4) Add in quinoa and Parmesan and stir until well combined, saute until heated through and serve with a little more Parmesan as a garnish.


Much Love From CalicoGeek
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Love Ya!

Krishna Kumar AKA KrishnaTheKumar

 Krishna Kumar or KrishnaThe Kumar

Krishna is one of the most gorgeous YouTubers ever! Like look at him! Marry me please!

Anyways I'm making this post about him because, he Favorited one of my Tweets, commented on one of my Instagram photos, and liked three of them. At least that's all I think haha!


Anyways I took some screenshots of the things he liked, favorited and commented on: 


The video I would do with him is Never Have I Ever
Which ironically I haven't played haha

Much Love From CalicoGeek
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Hannah Hart

Hannah Hart

Hannah Hart is the second Queen of the Internet. She is absolutely hilarious! I can't remember -I can always Google it- but, I think -she does just Googled it- she has a book called "My Drunk Kitchen" (I think that's what it's called).  

Sorry this is short I have so many posts to post today.

The video I would do with her is probably a Drunk Kitchen video haha!

Much Love From CalicoGeek
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See Ya Later.

Monday, April 13, 2015


Hey CaliGeeks.

Sorry I have been missing posts lately. I have been really busy.

Tomorrow is RecipeTuesday. It won't be a regular RecipeTuesday. I will be catching up on posts from Youtuber Saturday and CalicoGay Monday and RecipeTuesday.


Much Love From A Very Apologetic CalicoGeek
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See Ya Tomorrrow

Friday, April 10, 2015

New Things!

Hey CaliGeeks

I have recently bought some new things!

More Flower lights for my room
3 new books from Books-A-Million:
-Ellen DeGeneres: Seriously... I'm Kidding
-Harper Lee: To Kill A MockingBird
- Robin Houghton: Blogging For Creatives
A new movie from Walmart
-Mama Mia
A new shirt from amazon
"Some People Are Gay. Get Over It" It's black with rainbow lettering.


That's about it.

Much Love From CalicoGeek
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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Social Media

Hey CaliGeeks.

I know that I have all of my social media links at the top of my blog, but I wanna let you know where I can be found at.


Search for CalicoGeek



CalicoGeek on DistrictLines


Search for calicogeek

Much Love From CalicoGeek
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Recipe Number 2

Hey CaliGeeks!


Recipe found on Yummly App

Morning Booster Smoothie
Brought to you by Le Gourmet TV

5 ingredients
- 1 Cup of Hemp Milk
- 2 Ice Cubes
- 3 Tablespoons of Rolled Oats
- 1 Teaspoon of Cinnamon
- 1 Banana

The Oatmeal in this smoothie makes it a perfect way to start your day!

This recipe takes about 10 minutes to make.

Combine all ingredients in a blender, blend until smooth

My Opinions
1) I haven't tried this recipe yet, but I know if I am running late for anything and I have at least 10 minutes to spare I will be making this for my breakfast!
2) The picture on the app looks absolutely amazing!
3) I am not quite sure what Hemp Milk is......

That's It For RecipeTuesday!
Tune In Next Week For A New Recipe

Much Love From CalicoGeek
See Ya When I Get Done Cleaning

Monday, April 6, 2015


Hey CaliGeeks!

Guess What!

I have a name for Tuesday when I post a recipe!


I've decided. If you have a recipe you want me to post. Post it on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram and any other social media tagging me (my actual profile if you know me as more than a blogger) or CalicoGeek (@CalicoGeek depending on what social media you post it on) using the hashtag #RecipeTuesdayCG

I have just posted on CalicoGay.

Tomorrow is RecipeTuesday!

I do have some really good recipes to share (that I haven't tried yet, but I will)

I have 2 new apps on my phone called:
I like Yummly more than Allrecipes

Not to be confused with #ToplessTuesday!



Much Love From CalicoGeek
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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

Hey CaliGeeks

Just stopping to say....


Much Love From CalicoGeek
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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Grace Helbig AKA DailyGrace

Grace Helbig AKA  DailyGrace

Grace Helbig is EXTREMELY Hilarious! She has done a lot of things in her life, like becoming famous on the Internet, hosting Nickelodean's TV show AwesomenessTV which is one of my favorite Nick shows, and so many other things.
Grace is like the queen of the Internet.
Sorry Tyler Oakley
But it's true.
I am not really sure what else to say

The videos I would do with her is maybe like an advice video.

Much Love From CalicoGeek 
Signing Off For The Night



Thursday, April 2, 2015

Scheduled Posts

Hey CaliGeeks!

So I have a little notebook I bought from my local Dollar General I am putting things that I want to post on here and when I will post them.

Every Monday- I post on CalicoGay
Every Tuesday- Post  a recipe
Wed-Fri- Post anything I want
Every Saturday- post a YouTuber post
Sunday- Anything

Gonna enjoy my break and eat some pancakes


See Ya Later
Much Love From CalicoGeek