Saturday, December 12, 2015

Fish Part 2

Hey Guys,

I am down to one fish now. Lil Bleu and Sonset died. Midnyte is growing big though so yeah.

That's It
Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off For Now

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Hey guys.....

So if some of you guys are from my Facebook you already know that I have two male guppies named Lil Bleu and Midnyte and that I have an album named that.

Well the album name has been changed to Lil Bleu, Midnyte and Sunset.


'Cause I am getting another guppy and naming it Sunset. Yes there will be pictures :D

Anyways that is all for this post

Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off For Now

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Random Post HAHA :)

Hey guys...

So I am actually writing this in my personal finance class -don't worry I am paying attention-. I don't know exactly what to call this post. Gonna try and make this a long post, to be honest haha, so therefore it shall be titled "Random Post HAHA :)". When I said I am writing this, I am literally hand-writing this with a notebook and pink and black pens! I was going to make a post about the LGBT community and call it "Boys like Boys, Girls like Girls" -not sure if I was going to capitalize the "l" in like or not haha-, but I shall figure a way to weasel that post into this post. Somehow. I will figure it out haha.
Before I do that... let's do some small talk. The weather here  is absolutely HORRID!!!!!!!!! It's cold, wet and raining. Talk about EW!
 As of 12:56 PM November 10th 2015 I am sitting in my personal finance class.
 Over the weekend-the one that just passed prior to this being posted- PTI had this thing called HVZ or Humans Vs Zombies which I do believe I have mentioned a few times from time to time. This was my second game, and it was only a weekend long one. I am still sore!!!!!! x_x
I was a human until 4 in the morning on Saturday. 8 hours longer alive than I was my first game which was a week long one and I am still proud of myself. Granted you I probably could've lasted longer, but ya know.

BRB Personal Finance work.............. YAY!!!!!!!

So it is now 7:21 AM on November 11th 2015 -Happy Veteran's Day to you Vets out there- I am currently sat on my chair typing all of this that I wrote out yesterday and waiting for my friend Viktoria to get up. We have a bus to catch at 7:40 AM. HAHA.

Anyways I have no idea what is in for me today. I have class until 2:20 PM and then I have work. So, I shall save this as a draft for now -as of 7:23 AM- figure out what book I shall be reading on the bus and be on my way to school! Don't worry I shall hand write some more things for this post since it is ya know A RANDOM POST!!!! :D

As of 11:44 AM November 11th 2015 I am sitting in my open skills lab listening to "Focus" by Ariana Grande and getting ready to play, if y'all haven't played it you should. It is very fun and annoying as all hell.

Oh! I'm writing with a blue pen now just FYI.

Oh! Do y'all follow me on Instagram? Well you should @calicogeek. I just put a picture of my friend Grace on there. Y'all should follow her too. Yeah.... That's about it, I mean I work after school so probably gonna finish this tomorrow. To Be Continued....

Hey I am back though technically I didn't go anywhere. I am home from work and I am ending this post here. I will probably make that post about the LGBT Community tomorrow -not sure yet-. Who knows I might make another Random Post haha and just combine several -2- days in it.

Anyways That's It
Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off For The Night

Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Hey Guys.

Just wanted to stop by and say Happy Halloween. Be safe, drive safe, make sure no virgins light any Black Flame Candles!!!!!!! Eat lots of candy (some for me please).

"It's just a bunch of Hocus Pocus!"
"Another glorious morning...... Makes me SICK!!!!!!!"

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Tell me what movie this is quoted from!!!

Pics of my Halloween costume to come in the next post!!


Happy Halloween!!!!!
Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off For The Night

Friday, October 23, 2015

Tell Me About Yourselves.

Hey Guys,

So I have made several posts about me.
I wanna know somethings about you:
Favorite Food:
Favorite YouTuber:

Things like that.....
If anyone comments on this I will make a post in reply to all the comments. I will go through and read all of them and personally reply back and then I will make one about me. Even though you guys probably already know this stuff about me.

But I am being completely serious. I wanna know my readers so I can connect with you guys.

Hope you consider it.

Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off For The Night

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

New Roommate

Hey Guys....

Sorry I have been distant and haven't been posting anything lately. Kinda douchey on my side. Anyways just day before yesterday I got a new roommate. Still haven't gotten the idea of coming back to my apartment and seeing someone there. Granted I am barely there I am always at my best friends apartment and haven't slept in mine for like two weeks.

This post is just about that I am still alive don't worry and that I am sorry and that I have a new roommate.



I am in my second quarter of college!!!!!!!

Things are going great.

Hopefully talk to you soon

Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off For The Night

Friday, September 18, 2015

New Apartment

Hey Guys!!!!!

So I am in college as you all know and I just moved into a new apartment by myself until October when PTI gets new students. There will definitely be an apartment tour on my YouTube channel CalicoGeek when my friend returns my camera.

Anyways: I don't know what else to say.

Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off For Now

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Top Ten Star Wars Characters

My Top Ten Star Wars Characters for Disney Infinity

  1. Hera Syndulla ~Star Wars: Rebels
  2. Aayla Secura ~Star Wars: The Clone Wars
  3. Shaak Ti ~Star Wars: The Clone Wars
  4. Asajj Ventress ~Star Wars: The Clone Wars
  5. Count Dooku ~Star Wars: Attack of The Clones
  6. Padme Amidala ~Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
  7. Kit Fisto ~Star Wars: Attack of The Clones
  8. Kylo Ren ~Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  9. Bib Fortuna ~Star Wars: Return of The Jedi
  10. General Grievous ~Star Wars: Revenge of The Sith

Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off For The Night

Top Ten Disney Characters

My Top Ten Disney Characters for Disney Infinity

  1. Pluto ~The Main Disney Characters
  2. Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert ~Tangled
  3. Ariel ~The Little Mermaid
  4. Pocahontas ~Pocahontas
  5. Eve ~WALL-E
  6. Bing Bong ~Inside Out
  7. The Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp Version) ~Alice in Wonderland
  8. Kristoff ~Frozen
  9. Slinky The Dog ~Toy Story
  10. Rosie The Black Widow ~A Bug's Life 

Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off After One More Post

Top Ten Toy Boxes

My Top Ten Toy Boxes for Disney Infinity

  1. Aladdin
  2. Brother Bear
  3. Alice In Wonderland
  4. Bolt
  5. Chicken Little
  6. Tinkerbell
  7. Finding Nemo
  8. Frozen
  9. The Little Mermaid
  10. Treasure Planet

Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off In A Bit

Top Ten Marvel

My Top Ten Marvel Characters for Disney Infinity

  1. Black Cat
  2. Crystal
  3. White Tiger
  4. Captain Britain
  5. Black Panther
  6. Quick Silver
  7. Deathbird
  8. Wasp
  9. Scarlet Witch
  10. Magik

Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off For Now

Top Ten Villains ~Disney~

My Top Ten Disney Villain Characters for Disney Infinity

  1. Evil Queen ~Snow White
  2. Ursula ~The Little Mermaid
  3. Prince Hans ~Frozen
  4. Scar ~Lion King
  5. Jafar ~Aladdin
  6. The Queen of Hearts ~Alice in Wonderland
  7. Mother Gothel ~Tangled
  8. Oogie Boogie ~Nightmare Before Christmas
  9. Mor'Du ~Brave
  10. Princess Ivy ~ Sofia The First

Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off For Now

Disney Infinity.

Hey guys.

So Disney Infinity 3.0 is now out in stores. I AM SUPER EXCITED.

Anyways. I made a list while watching Inside Out, of the characters I have and don't have. Obviously all of 3.0 haha.


  1. Mater
  2. Mike
  3. Sulley
  4. Violet
  5. Mrs. Incredible
  6. Mr. Incredilbe
  7. Captain Jack Sparrow
  8. Jack Skellington
  9. Elsa
  10. Anna
  11. Rapunzel
  12. Vanellope
  13. Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey
  1. Holley
  2. Francesco
  3. Lightning McQueen
  4. Randy
  5. Syndrome
  6. Dash
  7. Davy Jones
  8. Barbossa
  9. Tonto
  10. The Lone Ranger 
  11. Woody
  12. Jessie
  13. Buzz Lightyear
  14. Agent P
  15. Phineas
  16. Wreck-it Ralph
  1. Maleficent
  2. Merida
  3. Stitch
  4. Tinkerbell
  5. Jasmine
  6. Aladdin
  7. Donald Duck
  8. Hiro
  9. Baymax
  10. Groot
  11. Gamora
  12. Rocket Raccoon
  13. Star-Lord
  14. Nova
  15. Ironfist
  16. Spider-man
  17. Black Widow
  18. Captain America
  19. Thor
  20. Ironman
  1. Drax
  2. Ronan
  3. Yondu (when I got all the other GOTG -Guardians Of The Galaxy- characters I was gonna get him, but I never have haha)
  4. Nick Fury
  5. Venom
  6. Green Goblin
  7. Hawkeye
  8. Hulk
  9. Loki
  10. Falcon
For those who don't know the characters in 3.0 I will break them up into the groups.

  1. Olaf
  2. Mulan
  3. Minnie Mouse
  4. Mickey Mouse
  5. Quorra
  6. Sam Flynn
  7. Anger
  8. Joy
  9. Sadness
  10. Fear
  11. Disgust
  1. Ultron
  2. Hulkbuster
Star Wars:
  1. Zeb Orrlios
  2. Sabine Wren
  3. Kanan Jarrus
  4. Ezra Bridger
  5. Boba Fett
  6. Darth Vader
  7. Chewbaca
  8. Han Solo
  9. Princess Leia
  10. Luke Skywalker
  11. Obi-Wan Kenobi
  12. Darth Maul
  13. Yoda
  14. Ahsoka Yano
  15. Anakin Skywalker
After I go over this post I will make a "My Top Ten" post for: Disney Characters, Disney Villains, Marvel Characters, Toy boxes, and Star Wars Characters.

~All different posts~

Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off In A Bit

Friday, August 28, 2015

Facebook And Vlogging

Hey guys!

Sorry I have been idle for a while, but I just have been busy with school and work. Anyways, I found out how to go Live on Facebook. So go on over to Facebook and like CalicoGeek.


Lately I have been watching vloggers on YouTube like Zoella, Alfie Deyes, etc. It's been putting me in a vlogging mood lately so I am going to try to vlog some more.

I did however film some things from HVZ Humans vs Zombies, but I really don't know when I am going to upload it. There is a lot of footage so I definitely need to upload it so I can delete it off of my camera.

That's It For This One.
Much Love From CalicoGeek.
Signing Off For Now.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Surprise On Sunday!

Hey guys!

So I have a very special surprise coming this Sunday!

I really wanna tell you what I have planned this weekend, well this month really, but I can't

That's It For This Post
Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off For The Night

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Special Surprise!

Hey guys! What's up?
Wait! That's not how I start a blog!

Well I am trying something different.

So I have a very special surprise for you guys coming the August 14th-20th on my Main Channel CalicoGeek on YouTube.

I can not wait for this week to come! I am not going to tell you what I will be doing. You will have to stay tuned and find out. Oh! I can tell you my birthday is August 20th! So yeah!

That's It For This One
Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off For Now

College, And College Boys

Hey CaliGeeks.

So tomorrow I have one class, and I am not going home this weekend so I can find a job somewhere. College is a pain in the ass when it comes to paying rent and what not. My classes are fun I am going for Graphic Design as I said in previous posts. I have had Critical Thinking, Color Theory and Techniques, Drawing, and Computer Illustration (and if any of you guys are from my classes HI!). So far I like my Color Theory class and my Drawing class. Computer Illustration is okay, I haven't used Illustrator in a while.

Now time to talk about College boys.

College boys are FINE! HAHA

Anyways I was suppose to upload this last night, but I fell asleep

That's It For This One
Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off For Now


Hey CaliGeeks!

So I was thinking, since I live on my own, in my own apartment I should vlog again so I can get a bigger group of people who like me.

So I got to thinking while watching Joey Graceffa on YouTube today, I said to myself "I should vlog today!" I then realize that I probably am not going to do anything exciting haha.

I do have to go to the mall beside me and give the people I applied for my house phone because my cell phone isn't working. 'Cause ya know. No money to buy a phone card. You might get to see the mall I don't know yet. I might just sit here and fill out applications online and probably go swimming. Who knows I might go for a walk.

ADULT LIFE SUCKS! Just saying.

I am frantically trying to find a job so I can get my phone back up and running.

We shall see what today brings. If I vlog today I will try and post it tomorrow on my Main Channel CalicoGeek.

I've come to realize I don't know what I am going to put on my Second Channel CalicoGeekNumber2. Most YouTubers put everyday vlogs on there so I might lose my Second Channel and keep the other three.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Fishy Friend

Hey CaliGeeks!

I am thinking about getting a Beta Fish for my room. However I am not entirely sure, because do I want just one fishy friend, or do I want several goldfish?

I have also thought about just getting a one bedroom apartment where one of my old high school buddies live because you can get dogs and what not. However that won't happen until very far into the future.

Anyways. I have nothing to do today, might go swimming not sure yet. It is suppose to be 90 Degrees here. That's to hot haha!

That's it for now

Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off For Now

All Moved In

Hey CaliGeeks!

Yesterday was the day I moved out. I moved into an apartment for college yesterday, about noonish. After I got all moved in, I went and explored the city with some old high school buddies. Oh my god it was soooo much fun!

Last night was my very first night being out on my own (with 3 roommates Malik, Collin, and Matt). I had so much fun yesterday with my friends I ended up with a headache and went straight to bed after I got my room decorated. 

Today it is Sunday July 19, 2015. I have absolutely no idea of what I am going to be doing today!

Right now I am going to finish my coffee (thanks for bringing the Keurig Malik), and probably watch some YouTube videos or work on my two secret projects.

Oh! By the way! I have internet now! So be prepared to see a lot more of me in the next two years!

That's it for this post!
Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off For Now 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Well CaliGeeks.

Hey CaliGeeks.

I've got 30 more days until a brand new chapter begins in my life. I move off to college!

Granted you, you guys will be coming along with me.

An apartment tour and things like that and vlogs  (hopefully)

Anyways gotta go back to work.

Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off For The Night

Saturday, June 6, 2015


Hey CaliGeeks

I have an announcement to make.

Tomorrow I will be creating my 4th YouTube channel called:


 This channel will be for all the toys that I collect and have collected.

-Blind bags and boxes

And things like that.

Anyways that all

Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off For The Night

Thursday, June 4, 2015


Hey CaliGeeks,

Does anyone else Tweet YouTubers like outrageous amounts of times to see if they will notice?


Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off For Now

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Inside Out The Movie

Inside Out is Disney and Pixar's newest movie coming out on June 19th.

A movie where you meet the little voices inside your head. Emotions.

They are also making the characters into Disney Infinity characters. With their own playset.

My favorite is Disgust.

Anyways that is all.

Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off For The Night

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sorry guys

Sorry I haven't been posting.

Once I get settled back into college I will definitely be posting more often


It probably won't be these scheduled posts either.

Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off For The Night

Friday, May 15, 2015

More Disney Infinity Characters

Hector Barbossa


Donald Duck


Mike Wazowski

Mrs. Incredible

Recipe Number 7

Green Tea Breakfast Smoothie

4 Ingredients.
-1 Container of Silk Vanilla Dairy-Free Yogurt
-1 Cup Green Tea
- 1/4 Cup Honey Almond Protein Granola
- 1/2 Cup Frozen Blueberries

Sorry this is so late.
I am really getting horrid at this blogging thing haha please forgive me.

Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off After Two More Posts

Joey Graceffa

Joey Graceffa

Joey Graceffa is very cute. He games and vlogs. He has a dog named wolf.
Sorry this is late and short.

I would do a gaming video with him.

Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off In A Bit


Lousie is Zoellas Best Chummy aka best friend. They are in a lot of each others videos. Lousie has a blog called . She is quite hilarious and has a 4 or 5 year old daughter named Darcy aka BabyGlitter. SORRY THIS IS SHORT.
And early.
The video I would do with her is some type of advice video.

Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off In a Bit

Sunday, May 10, 2015


Anna is from Disney Infinity 1.0

She beats up bad guys along with her sister Elsa by using her handy dandy shovel and her mountain climbing hook pack.

I give her about 3.5 out of 5 stars.


Much Love From CalicoGeek
Now I Gotta Do My Youtuber Post

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Recipe Number 6

Herbed Lemon Quinoa

This recipe has 8 ingredients.
1 1/2 Cup Quinoa
Kosher Salt
Ground Black Pepper
1/4 Cup Olive Oil
4 Shallots
1 Lemon
1 Tablespoon Chopped Fresh Thyme
1/2 Cup Finely Chopped Fresh Parsley

This would be very good for like a side for your main course.

Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off In A Bit.

Repetitive Posts

Hey CaliGeeks.

I am sorry that my posts have been a bit repetitive. I've been really busy, but I will try and post more random things!

Anyways I got this email (pictured below) from PTI (The college I wanna go to).
It says that my application is being evaluated so hopefully I will be getting the acceptance letter soon.

So here's the picture of the email

I am really excited, and don't worry I will be posting a new recipe as soon as I get on break at work (currently getting ready for work).

Anyways I shall see you guys later.

Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off For Now.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Joe Sugg AKA ThatcherJoe

Joe Sugg or ThatcherJoe is Zoe Sugg or Zoella's brother. Joe is sooooo hilarious and good looking. He also has a gaming channel called ThatcherJoeGames I think -somewhere along those lines I mean I can always Google it but who does that anymore!- 


I honestly don't know what else to say...*

The video I would do with him is definitly Innuendo Bingo**

Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off For The Night
I Promise
I Don't Know
I'll Do What I Please

*I really should write these out first! haha
**Side Note... who doesn't wanna get wet with him!!!!!

My Disney Infinity Characters.

Iron Fist





Jack Skellington

Aladdin (did a review on him already)


Black Widow

Captain America




Captain Jack Sparrow



Mr. Incredible (did a review on him)


Rocket Raccoon

Sorrcer's Apprentice Mickey






Vanellope von Schweetz



Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off For The Night