Sunday, July 19, 2015

All Moved In

Hey CaliGeeks!

Yesterday was the day I moved out. I moved into an apartment for college yesterday, about noonish. After I got all moved in, I went and explored the city with some old high school buddies. Oh my god it was soooo much fun!

Last night was my very first night being out on my own (with 3 roommates Malik, Collin, and Matt). I had so much fun yesterday with my friends I ended up with a headache and went straight to bed after I got my room decorated. 

Today it is Sunday July 19, 2015. I have absolutely no idea of what I am going to be doing today!

Right now I am going to finish my coffee (thanks for bringing the Keurig Malik), and probably watch some YouTube videos or work on my two secret projects.

Oh! By the way! I have internet now! So be prepared to see a lot more of me in the next two years!

That's it for this post!
Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off For Now 

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