Saturday, July 25, 2015


Hey CaliGeeks!

So I was thinking, since I live on my own, in my own apartment I should vlog again so I can get a bigger group of people who like me.

So I got to thinking while watching Joey Graceffa on YouTube today, I said to myself "I should vlog today!" I then realize that I probably am not going to do anything exciting haha.

I do have to go to the mall beside me and give the people I applied for my house phone because my cell phone isn't working. 'Cause ya know. No money to buy a phone card. You might get to see the mall I don't know yet. I might just sit here and fill out applications online and probably go swimming. Who knows I might go for a walk.

ADULT LIFE SUCKS! Just saying.

I am frantically trying to find a job so I can get my phone back up and running.

We shall see what today brings. If I vlog today I will try and post it tomorrow on my Main Channel CalicoGeek.

I've come to realize I don't know what I am going to put on my Second Channel CalicoGeekNumber2. Most YouTubers put everyday vlogs on there so I might lose my Second Channel and keep the other three.

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