Monday, April 6, 2015


Hey CaliGeeks!

Guess What!

I have a name for Tuesday when I post a recipe!


I've decided. If you have a recipe you want me to post. Post it on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram and any other social media tagging me (my actual profile if you know me as more than a blogger) or CalicoGeek (@CalicoGeek depending on what social media you post it on) using the hashtag #RecipeTuesdayCG

I have just posted on CalicoGay.

Tomorrow is RecipeTuesday!

I do have some really good recipes to share (that I haven't tried yet, but I will)

I have 2 new apps on my phone called:
I like Yummly more than Allrecipes

Not to be confused with #ToplessTuesday!



Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off For The Night

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