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More New Pokemon!!! And Other News! BONUS NEWS (Might Be Old News Though)

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So I wanna apologize for all the Pokemon posts. I did say in another post that I would try and keep up the the Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon news so yeah....


Pokemon just released a new trailer this morning on the new Generation 7 Pokemon of the games:

With new Alolan Forms. I personally like all the Alolan forms and I kinda hope there is more.

Obviously I am gonna be taking apart the newest trailer and talk about the things that stick out to me the most.

So without further adieu. 

Let's get started!

Solo Form

Type: Water
Classification: Little Fish Pokemon
Ability: Schooling
School Form

Type: Water
Classification: Sea-Cucumber Pokemon
Ability: Innards Out

Type: Grass/Fairy
Classification: Illuminating Pokemon
Ability: Illuminate or Effect Spore

Three new Alolan Forms were introduced with this new trailer!

Alolan Meowth

Type: Dark
Classification: Scratch Cat
Ability: Pickup or Technician


Alolan Marowak
Type: Fire/Ghost
Classification: Bone Keeper Pokemon
Ability: Cursed Body or Lightning Rod


Alolan Raichu
Type: Electric/Psychic
Classification: Mouse Pokemon
Ability: Surge Surfer

This trailer also introduced a new Team!

List of Villainous Pokemon Teams (For those who don't know)

Team Rocket

Team Aqua

Team Magma

Team Galactic

Team Plasma

Team Flare

Joining this list is Team Skull!

Team Skull

Team Skull is the antagonist team of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon . This team is different than the others. They cause a lot of trouble, steal Pokemon and mess up the sites of the Island Challenges however their motives are currently unclear.

So with a new team, they obviously have to have Admins and a Leader right?


Here they are!

Team Skull Admin Plumeria

Details: Plumeria is the Admin for Team Skulland helps keep the team in order. She cares for the Grunts beneath her.

Team Skull Leader Guzma

Details: Guzma is the leader to Team Skull and battles without mercy. He at one point went through the Island Challenge, but did not meet the criteria to become a Captain. He has history with Professor Kukui.

BONUS NEWS (This is the might be old news I mentioned in the title)


The Alola Region

Details: The Alola Region is an island region in the games. Inside it, there are many mountains, caves and large cities. In the region, there are four main islands, and on artificial island. Each of the main islands has its own unique features and, in turn, has its own Regional Pokedex.


Melemele Island

Guardian: Tapu Koko

Details: Melemele Island is the island that the game starts on. It houses several cities and villages and many characters including Hala, Hau, Lillie, and Professor Kukui. It's guardian protector is Tapu Koko and the indigenous inhabitants of the island often hold a festival for Tapu Koko.

I don't know I have but the other characters mentioned in the last paragraph in a post so here goes!!!



Details: Hau was introduced in the Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer in May and set up as a friend of the player. It later emerged that Hau is a new trainer and he picks the Starter Pokemon that is weak to yours (ITS ABOUT FREAKING TIME!). He has a real weakness for malasada, a famous treat in the Alola region, and he is always in search of malasada shops. He is first battled when you get the Starter Pokemon and joins you again int he festival that commemorates Melemele Island's guardian, Tapu Koko.

Professor Kukui
Details: Professor Kukui is the professor on Melemele Island and helps guide you through the various parts of the game. His area of study is on Pokemon moves to the pint that he has even taken hits from Pokemon moves at times when it has furthered his research.

Details: Lillie is Professor Kukui's assistant and is the same age as the player character. Despite assisting Professor Kukui in the study of Pokemon moves, she is not fond of making Pokemon battle, but enjoys reading. It was revealed in the Treehouse Live stream that Lillie has something living in her bag.

Details: Hala was introduced in the Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer in May. He initially gives you you first Pokemon at the start of the game. However, in the Nintendo Treehouse stream, it was revealed that Hala is one of the strongest trainers on Melemele Island. He runs the festival that commemorates Melemele Island's guardian Tapu Koko.

Well you guys this was both fun and tiring. 

So I guess I will call it done for now. I mean it is done, well until I type my outro. :D 

Anyways this is quite a long post and I know these posts can be broken up but oh well! :P

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon come out on November 18, 2016!!!!

Anyways night you guys!



Much Love From A Very Tired CalicoGeek
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PS I had to go fix SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many spelling errors because I am so gosh darn tired HAHA


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