Thursday, March 10, 2016


Literally got this logo picture from :D
Figured I'd let you know.

Hey guys!

As you can tell this post is about Rubber Maid!!!

Wait what? This isn't about Rubber Maid, it's about Tupperware!!!!

Sure some people will call Rubber Maid, Ziploc bowls, etc. Tupperware, but this is actually called Tupperware!!!!

So, last month my mom became a consultant with this company, and she took me to a meeting today for it. We went to this restaurant called

Where we sat down, ate a few things, and began talking about different things that we can do with being consultants with Tupperware. Now mind you I am not a consultant, I am a how you say, Apprentice I guess, or an Assistant. :D I like Apprentice better.

Anyways I learned a lot about this company and I just figured I should share it with all of you guys!!!!
Also, thinking about joining and becoming a consultant, possibly when I move into my own house. Saturday March 12, 2016 I might be going to a home show/craft show, I may or may not vlog.

Anyways I was on Tupperware's website and I was looking at a few things on there and there are some really really cute things on there. Not just cute things, cool, nifty, all bits and pieces of things. 

I went back and took screenshots of the things I like and they also include the price.



Also make sure you date some parties with your local consultant!!!!!!!!

That's it, I have dishes to go do now!

Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off For The Night
Cya Tomorrow For Top Ten Friday!!!!!

P.S. I am not sure where Tupperware can be found at besides online. I know they have English, Spanish, and French on some if not most if not all of their products!
P.S.S This post is not sponsored by Tupperware!

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