Friday, April 22, 2016

Not Hiding Anything From You Guys!~

Hey guys,

So I am not going to hide anything from you guys and I just want to stop and talk about a few things.

Okay, here we go.

Yes  know today is Friday and yes I know my Top Ten is late, I shall be posting it tomorrow.

I have just recently -today was my second day- started a new job. NO MORE MCDONALD'S!!!!!! I am back with Walmart but in the county that I live in. Let me just tell you, bi-weekly pay sucks if you are used to weekly pay, and I wake up about 6:00 6:30 everyday now thanks to my 8-4 shifts and let me just tell you this. I am soooooo not use to it. This is one of the reasons there is no Top Ten today, this and because I am very tired and probably going to bed after I post this.

While at work on my lunch I was walking around the Electronics department and found an all-in-1 touch screen desktop computer. Me being me had know idea what all-in-1 meant, it just means that the tower is in the monitor. Great less chords to worry about right? Well I don't know haha! Anyways this fabulous computer which is a HP Pavilion All-in-One TouchScreen with Windows 10, and a 12.5" screen and it is $549.00 and I am honestly thinking about buying it then spending over $1,000 on an Apple.  I get my income tax in a few weeks and you bet your buttons that I am purchasing one of these computers and as soon as I get home I am purchasing Minecraft for it.

Also I would love to get my YouTube Channels back up and running and I am hoping that with this computer I will be purchasing in the future I can at least get my Gaming Channel back up.

So I am thinking about posting StoryTimes on here just randomly like this one, let me know on here or my other social media:

Facebook CalicoGeek or my Personal one
Snapchat chrisw2468
Twitter Calicogeek
IG Calicogeek

how you feel about that idea!

Anyways that's it for this little spell of a post!

Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off For The Night

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