Saturday, April 30, 2016

Top Ten Prettiest Female Youtubers!~

Hey guys!

So remember when I said I would post 2 Top Tens today and that I am moving my Top Tens to Saturdays since I have every Saturday off? Well this is the start of something new #HighSchoolMusiclReference? #IThinkSo!!!!

Today's top tens are:
"Top Ten Prettiest Female Youtubers!~"
"Top Ten Favorite Youtubers In General!~"

Without further adieu lets begin with the Top Ten Prettiest Female Youtubers!!!

Top Ten Prettiest Female Youtubers!!!!~

1. Tiffany ~ihasCupquake~
2. Lizze ~LDShadowLady~
3. Louise ~SprinkleOfGlitter
4. Veronica and Vanessa ~themerrelltwins~
5. Liza ~Lizzza~
6. Zoe ~Zoella~
7. Gabbie ~theGabbieshow~
8. Justine ~iJustine~
9. Stacy ~Stacyplays~
10. Gigi ~Gigi Gorgeous~ 

This is my opinion as always!!!!

Anyways thanks for reading!
Hope you enjoyed it!
There will be three posts back to back to back today!!!

Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off After Two More Posts

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