Thursday, February 4, 2016

100 Facts About Me.

Hey Guys,

So I am here -yes even though I already said I was signing off for the night- with "100 Facts About Me."

So, without further ado. 

Let's get down to business and get this ball rolling.

  1. My name is Christopher -I am not going to share my middle name, but I do believe I have shared my last name, but I'm going to share it anyways haha- White.
  2. I have a pet male guppy. He is a Black Tuxedo Guppy -Fancy! I know right-. His name is Midnyte. He is my baby, and he has a mint colored castle in his tank.
  3. I was born 08/20/1995. For those who don't know its August 20th 1995.
  4. I am a Leo.
  5. Pokemon is life.
  6. My favorite Pokemon is the Eevee-lutions.
  7. My favorite Disney villain is Maleficent.
  8. Cheetah print and any other animal print is my favorite -I guess?- patterns.
  9. Green and Purple are my favorite colors.
  10. My favorite animals are Zebras, Penguins, and Giraffes.
  11. I am more of a Cat person than I am a Dog, but I love all animals. -I am saying this as if I had to choose between a Kitten and a Puppy I would choose the Kitten. Sorry Puppy.-.
  12. This blog was supposed to be an anonymous blog where I can post my feelings and bond with everyone.
  13. My Christmas decorations in my apartment took me about four hours to put up and I still am not done with it.
  14. The only animals I don't care for are Snakes and Spiders.
  15. I wear a size eleven in heels.
  16. I wear a size nine and a half in regular shoes.
  17. I own a turquoise laptop with two matching laptop cases -one is like a briefcase and the other one rolls-  and a matching mouse and mouse pad. 
  18. I am only on number eighteen so I am using this as a space filler because I am falling asleep so I am going to have to finish this later............. 
  19. Figured one out before I signed off, I love Disgust from Disney and Pixar's Inside Out.
  20. I want to get an Apple Desktop so I can upload Minecraft videos on CalicoGeekGames.
  21. I am no longer attending PTI.
  22. I live with my mom, step-dad, little sister, our two ferrets, five dogs, three cats, one bird, one bunny and my guppy.
  23. Our Ferret's names are Jerika and Demi -Like Demi Lovato-.
  24. Dog's names are Baylie, Jingles, Brylee, Sadie, and Turbo.
  25. Cat's names are Figaro, Jezebel, and Kitty.
  26. Bird's name is Tweety -So original!-.
  27. Bunny's name is Daisy.
  28. I am working on a secret project right now and I really want to put it in here, but I am not going to.
  29. ............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ SURPRISE I AM GAY! -HAHA I DON'T EVEN KNOW! Y'ALL KNEW THAT ALREADY-.
  30. I have a few crushes on some people in my life....
  31. I own over three thousand Pokemon cards #NerdLife. Update as of Feb fourth twenty-sixteen I have three-thousand eight-hundred and eight Pokemon Cards and still collecting.
  32. I am OBSESSED with Chapstick #FortyTubesOfIt.
  33. Only one person knows about the secret project I am working on.
  34. Only one person knows that I have a crush on him.
  35. The Devil Wears Prada is one of my favorite movies.
  36. I am only on number thirty-six and I didn't realize how time consuming this was.
  37. My Twitter for CalicoGeek is back up and running @calicogeek. 
  38. My IG is also @calicogeek, should be the only CalicoGeek to pop up.
  39. I love using hashtags. #JustSaying.
  40. I have over one thousand friends on my personal Facebook. As of Feb fourth twenty-sixteen I have one-thousand and sixty-one friends on my personal Facebook.
  41. I have twenty-three likes on my CalicoGeek Facebook page.
  42. I like typing out the numbers for things instead of using the actual number.... #Weird?
  43. I have two hundred and ninety-seven followers on Twitter. #GoFollowMe. @calicogeek. Update as of Feb fourth twenty-sixteen I lost a follower..... #Embarrassing.
  44. I have five hundred and eighteen followers on IG. #GoFollowMe. @calicogeek. Update as of Feb fourth twenty-sixteen I have five-hundred and fifty-two followers!
  45. I listen to music ALL THE TIME!
  46. Music is life.
  47. I listen to music while I shower.
  48. I want to visit ALL -If I can- of the countries, and buy something from each of them.
  49. I have a memory box -two of them-
  50. I am seriously just now noticing I am only halfway done and I have been working on this for a few days now.
  51. I have one older full-brother, a five year old half-sister, four older step-siblings that are my mom's husband -My step-dad-, and three other step-siblings that are my dad's fiancee's 
  52. In order for the siblings it's: my step-dad's four kids, my full-brother, one of my dad's fiancee's kids, me, the other two who belong to my dad's fiancee, and my five year old little sister.
  53. When I say "half" or "step" or "full" I don't mean it like mean haha! They are all my siblings.
  54. This is honestly the longest blog post I have ever done.
  55. Currently as of February fourth twenty-sixteen, I am taking a break from studying for my Learners' permit, which I am taking the test next Thursday.
  56. I am currently also planning my Halloween Costume already.
  57. I say sorry.... ALOT.... Even when something isn't my fault.
  58. I can spend countless hours organizing my...... Pokemon Cards.
  59. I LOVE orange pop..... I use to have an obsession with it, but it has dwindled down over the years.
  60. By obsession in the last fact, I mean it's the only pop I would drink when I wanted pop.
  61. I say pop -obviously- and not soda.
  62. I had to chase a turkey down the street today.
  63. I am always bored.
  64. I LOVE CHEESE!!! Except Swiss Cheese.... That stuff's gross.....
  65. I have a small collection of Beanie Boo's!
  66. By small in the last fact I mean a total of 7 Beanie Boo's which are: Waddles the Penguin, Ming the Panda Bear, Spells the Snowy Owl, Safari the Giraffe, Sasha the Leopard, Swoops the Barn Owl, and Slush the Siberian Husky/Wolf.
  67. I bite my nails.... Bad habit -I know-.
  68. I have one close friend that knows more about me than anyone else, and we have been friends for 14 years now.
  69. I wish I went to a college that offered Photography as a major, instead of going to PTI for Graphic Design. Don't get me wrong, I made some amazing friends at PTI, but I've always wanted to be a professional Photographer and Interior Designer.
  70. I turn twenty-one this year!
  71. The first concert I saw was Winter Jam 2015.... I'm twenty years old and only gone to one concert.
  72. I would love to live in England.
  73. I have been to, New York, D.C., Alabama, One of the Carolina's, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, Ohio, Florida, Maryland, and I can't think of any other states.
  74. The only other country I've been to is Canada.
  75. I'm the only person in my immediate family that has swam in the Gulf of Mexico. -Florida side-
  76. I'm ready to have a boyfriend, and start a life with him.
  77. I have met three famous people: Blanca from Winter Jam, TallCathy from a radio station -I think Kiss FM- and Willow Shields -Primrose Everdeen from the Hunger Games-.
  78. I however have a picture with four famous people: the three up on number seventy-seven, and the lead singer to Skillet.
  79. I didn't get to meet the lead singer to Skillet -John Cooper-, but I did get close enough to his table at Winter Jam to take a selfie while he was talking to someone -he totally noticed it-
  80. Several of my friends at PTI were at the same Winter Jam concert as I was.
  81. Clowns terrify me.
  82. I need a new phone -currently have the white iPhone 4s and want to upgrade to the rose gold iPhone 6s+-.
  83. My aunt gave me a two dollar bill when I was born and I suspect that is the reason why the number two is my favorite number.
  84. Swimming is one of my favorite past times, along with reading, and watching YouTube.
  85. I really need to start uploading more YouTube videos. #CrappyInternet.
  86. Just realized I haven't used a hashtag since fact number fourty-four. That is a fourty-one fact gap in between hashtags.
  87. Had to use a calculator to figure that last fact out. #IClaimImNotStupid.
  88. I have looked at several different "100 Facts About Me" blog posts for inspiration on this one.
  89. I love seafood..... Can't remember if I said that..... haha......
  90. Just looked and indeed I never said anything about seafood! Score one for me!
  91. I want to buy a juicer so I can do a juice fast. -Heard it is healthy.... not sure though-
  92. I am addicted to Starbucks... I use to have a best friend YouTube channel named ACStarBucks.... We were nominated for a Shorty Award when we posted things, but sadly we don't.
  93. My hair is naturally curly and brown.
  94. I have colored my hair three times in my life. Once green, purple, and burgundy -in that order-.
  95. I miss my purple hair.
  96. Come June ninth of this year I will be employed at McDonald's for two years.
  97. I came out on ALL of my social media January nineteenth of twenty-fourteen, next year will mark three years.
  98. My favorite Disney princess is Merida.
  99. OHMYGOD! I just realized this is the second to last one on this list!
  100. My dream life is: to have a loving husband, a few animals, maybe kids -no, yes, I don't know that's why it says maybe-, live in either Los Angeles California or Brighton England, be a very successful photographer, interior designer, and youtuber, and have a few books published.

Well guys we finally reached the end after a few weeks or so.
I hope you liked it.
I know I honestly didn't like writing it.
PAIN IN THE A--! To think and write one hundred facts about yourself.

That's It
Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off For The Night
Good Night

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