Saturday, February 13, 2016

Top 10 Favorite Books!~

Hey guys!~

So this Top 10* is a little late.... I was suppose to post this yesterday, but I completely forgot!!!

Gosh I am bad at this blogging thing! HAHA!

Anyways! As the title says: "Top 10 Favorite Books!~" This post is going to be about my Top 10 Favorite books..... Obviously..... I am dressing up as Captain Obvious for Halloween this year :D

ALSO: These books are in no order...

I just can't do that to books :D HAHA!

Here goes nothing!!~~

Top 10!~

1. "Binge" ~By Tyler Oakley
2. "Black Hills" ~By Nora Roberts**
3. "The Fault In Our Stars" ~By John Green
4. "A Work In Progress" ~Connor Franta
5. "Seriously... I'm Kidding" ~By Ellen DeGeneres
6. "In Real Life" ~By Joey Graceffa
7. "I, Justine" ~By Justine Ezarik
8. "The Isle Of The Lost" ~By Melissa De La Cruz
9. "To Kill A Mockingbird" ~By Harper Lee
10. "Girl Online" ~By Zoe Sugg

*Sorry these Top 10s have been a little repetitive.....

**I read this like forever ago -I don't exactly know when- I borrowed it from the public Library and fell in love with it! I then bought a copy of it from Amazon and it was the miniature copy and I don't really care for minis of books. So whilst exploring Pittsburgh with some friends, we found a half priced bookstore and my Best Friend Savannah bought the big hard cover for me! Thanks So Much Savannah!!!!!!!!!!
(Continued with the double asterisk) All in all what I am trying to say is that this book was going to be first, but I just went along with how the picture is. "Black Hills" is by far one of my most favorite books from this list!!!

That's it
Hope you enjoyed this Top 10 post
Again I'm so sorry it's late!
Tune in next Friday for another Top 10!

Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off For Now

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