Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Top 10 Favorite MineCraft YouTubers! ~My Opinion~

Hey Guys!

So I am here today to show you guys my "Top 10 Favorite MineCraft YouTubers"!

How exciting!

So tomorrow February 10th will be three weeks since I put a Top Ten post out!

~Yes there will be a video~

I might make every other Friday: Top Ten Friday? 

So here we go!

Yes most of them are girls! :D

Top 10 ~MyOpinion~

1. Lizzie ~LDShadowLady~
2. Stacy ~Stacyplays~
3. Tiffany ~ihasCupquake~
4. Joey Graceffa
5. Callum ~Seapeekay~
6. Jess ~Aphmau~
7. Yasmin ~Yammy xox or ChicksCanGame~
8. AmyLee33
9. Annie ~Vengelfe~
10. Melissa ~MittyMoxx~

Top 10 ~HowTheyAreInThePicture~

1.Melissa ~MittyMoxx~
2. Jess ~Aphmau~
3. Yasmin ~Yammy xox or ChicksCanGame~
4. AmyLee33
5. Lizzie ~LDShadowLady~
6. Tiffany ~ihasCupquake~
7. Callum ~Seapeekay~
8. Annie ~Vengelfe~
9. Stacy ~Stacyplays~
10. Joey Graceffa

That's It
Hope you enjoyed this post and again it is all in my opinion!

Have A Nice Night
Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off For The Night

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