Friday, February 26, 2016

Top Ten Youtuber OTP's!~ (OTP means One True Pairing)

Hey guys!

So, as promised from my last post here is my week late "Top Ten"!
I am doing "Top Ten Youtuber OTPs!"

Again like when I started this series? -I think I can call it a series haha- these are all in my opinion so yeah.... 



Just kidding!!! 

Just nothing judgemental!!! 


Loves Ya!

Anywhosers!! Let's get down to business!!! :)

Top Ten~

(In my favorite order -Like which OTP I like more-)

1. Hannah Hart -MyHarto- and Ingrid Nilsen -Miss Glammorazzi-
~~So I actually just found out about this ship and I am totally for it!!!!!!!~~
They are soooooo freaking cute together!!!
Ship name could be: Miss Hartorazzi?

2. Connor Franta and Joey Graceffa.
~~These two are so freaking cute!~~
Like just by themselves!
Put them both together and they are just so freaking cute together!!!
HAHA I know a bit repetitive!
Ship name: Jonnor?

3. Tyler Oakley and Troye Sivan
~~Yes Troyler is in here don't ask questions, just accept it!~~

4. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg -Pewdiepie- and Zoe Sugg -Zoella-
~~Pewella was first introduced to me in the YouTube rewind 2015 video~~
I think they are sooooo cute together even though Pewds is with Marzia and Zoe is with Alfie

5. Jim Chapman and Tanya Chapman -Tanya Burr-
'Nuff said!
They are married and they are just perfect for each other!!
There wedding was like nothing but youtubers haha!!!!

6. Dan -Danisnotonfire- and Phil -theamazingphil-
This is definitely 'nuff said

7. Zoe Sugg -Zoella- and Alfie Deyes -PointlessBlog-
Already have been shipped
No need for explantion.

8. Tiffany -iHasCupquake- and Mario -Red-
Read Zalfie

9. Matthew Lush -Lush- -GayGod- and Chris O'Flying
Although I miss ~LushLaws~ and these two aren't together I can still see it happening for some reason.

10. Shane Dawson and Joey Graceffa
Read ~Redquake~ and ~Zalfie~

As they are in the picture:

1. Zoe and Alfie~ ZALFIE
2. Tiffany and Red~ REDQUAKE
3. Hannah and Ingrid~ MISS HARTORAZZI
4. Dan and Phil~ PHAN
5. Matthew and Chris~ LUSHLYING
6. Shane and Joey~ SHOEY
7. Pewdiepie and Zoe~ PEWELLA
8. Tyler and Troye~ TROYLER
9.  Connor and Joey~ JONNOR
10. Jim and Tanya~ JANYA 

That's It For This One
Hope You Enjoy It
Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off In A Bit

I promise to have that second "Top Ten" up before Midnight and for some of you it's not even Friday.


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