Sunday, March 1, 2015

Who inspired me to make my blog?

I've only had this blog since yesterday and I actually enjoy posting on it, even though it has no followers at the moment. Anyways not what I wanna talk about today. I wanna talk about who inspired me to make this blog in the first place. This fabulous lady whom I really wanna meet is Zoe Sugg A.K.A Zoella. I have been a fan of Zoe's since day one on YouTube. I've bought her book "Girl Online" which is absolutely amazing! Not only have I been a fan of Zoe since day one on Youtube, but a fan of her boyfriend Alfie Deyes A.K.A PointlessBlog, her brother Joe Sugg A.K.A ThatcherJoe, and her best Chummy Louise A.K.A SprinkleofGlitter and many many more of her friends. Zoe, Alfie, Joe, and Louise have played major parts in my life. They all have taught me to not care about what other people think about what I look like, what I am doing. When I first started YouTube I was and still am terrified with vlogging in public! haha!
They also have inspired me to make another Youtube channel that goes along with this blog which will come in the future.
Anyways I just wanted to let y'all know who inspired me to make this blog!

Much love from CalicoGeek
signing off for now
Cya later

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