Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Guess what I found!

Hey CaliGeeks!

CalicoGeek here, with some good news for me so I thought I would share it. I was going through a box today like 5 minutes ago and I came across this tablet that had the title "Catfish". This book I started last summer then got a serious case of Writer's Block. I am now going to tell you guys about the two main characters and which one will be the point of view of the story.

(I made these people up)

First off we have Alexander Leo Adamson
Alexander Leo Adamson AKA Alex is
20 years old
From L.A. California
He is a Pisces
Birthday 2/4/1995
Obviously a male
Favorite colors Silver and Black
Eye color Hazel
Hair color Blonde
Does he want kids? maybe one day
Dislikes: Smoking and drinking and drug use
Likes: Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Reading, Walking, and Starbucks.

Secondly we have Matthew-Alexander Fitzpatrick
Matthew-Alexander Fitzpatrick is
19 years old
From Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
He is a Leo
Birthday 8/20/1995 (hey same as mine)
He is obviously a male
Favorite colors: Purple and Green (same as mine again)
Eye color: Blue (same as mine)
Hair color: Red and Titanium
Does he want kids? maybe someday
Dislikes: smoking and drinking and drug use
Likes: Volleyball, Reading, Walking, Anything Outside, Shopping and Starbucks

This story is from Matthew-Alexander's point of view
I will tell you what the story is about in another blog post!


Much love from CalicoGeek
signing off for the night

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