Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Feeling Sick.

Hey CaliGeeks

(Not gonna write "CalicoGeek here" anymore cuz obviously this is my blog and I am CalicoGeek and I am the only one who runs this blog haha)

The title of this post is "Feeling Sick" because my little sister isn't feeling well right now. I was gonna call this post "Feeling Poorly" or "Feeling Ill" but I thought about it, and was like "Let's just call it 'Feeling Sick'!" Everyone feels sick at one point in time. Whether it's the runs, throwing up and what not. It's not a good feeling, but in a way it is good. It's your body saying "Hey there is something in here that shouldn't be in here. Let's get rid of it!" So out with the bad and in with the new, or something like that. As I said earlier my little sister is sick, I don't like it when she is sick. I feel bad when she is sick. She just threw up... what. twenty minutes ago, and I felt bad. I absolutely hate when she is sick, breaks my heart. Don't get me wrong, there are some good points to when she is sick. Number one is all she wants to do is cuddle. I mean who doesn't love a good cuddle. And that's really it haha! Then there is me. Don't worry I'm not sick (yet, knock on wood). I have a really reaLLY REALLY weak stomach. When I hear someone throw up...I get a tiny bit sick to my stomach. When I see them throw up.... I get a tiny bit sick to my stomach. Same happens when I have to clean it. 

Anyways... It's currently 2:07 AM where I live (this will say 2-3 hours behind this not quite sure why) but I am off to bed (hopefully)



Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off For The Night

Who Knows I Might Get Back On And Post Again Haha
I Have The Day Off Tomorrow So It Could Be A Possibility

So Bye For Now  

Good Night Sweet Dreams!

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