Monday, March 16, 2015

College Open House

Hey CaliGeeks

CalicoGeek here with a few things to talk about.

1) is my new blog I made last night, and it is about growing up gay and I made it to help people who are gay, and want to come out to people. I will be posting on it every Monday since i created it at 12:13 this morning!

2) Colleges and Open House.

Colleges- Colleges are extremely hard to choose seeing how there is so many of them! You have to find one that you obviously like because that's where you will be doing class at, where its located, tuition and what not.

Open House- I personally have only been to one Open House, but I have been invited to another which is at the same college as the first one. I have to talk to the lady tomorrow after work so I can discuss more things, but since I'm here now I will let you all know what I will be asking her tomorrow.

Questions for the college lady-
1) I am a YouTuber, will I be able to film things for my YouTube channel at the open house or not?
2) Is there a gym nearby? (because once I get my car and a DL I am going to the gym every morning)
3) Will I be able to come home every weekend because I am hoping to be able to work at my McDonald's on the weekends and somewhere up there after class?
4) Are you allowed to have pets in the dorms?
5) Job placement for Graphic Design and/or Web Design (the two things there I am interested in)
6) Double major?
7) What kind of clubs do you have?


That ladies and gentlemen are a few questions that I will be asking over the phone with her. I will not reveal any names of anyone I encounter there not even my friends that are up there. Unless they say that it is okay.

My Open House (if my mom and step-dad can take me) is this Saturday!

Fingers Crossed!

Much Love From CalicoGeek
Signing Off For The Night
(Probably Not)

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